Using Myspace To Attract Prospects To Your Network Marketing Business

Building a decent profile of high quality incoming links to your website is the single most crucial element of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign. It’s about giving Google and other search engines the data they need to gauge your content’s relevance and authority in relation to their users’ search queries.

Did Knorr achieve their goal to dominate their market? Yes. Did they end up creating enormous buzz for the product? Yes. Heck they even created a new income stream (Salt and Pepper shakers). Just because of a little bit (okay a lot) of personality.

Law firms have reported that they had more enquiries via email or phone after users had seen their video content. Video content on their websites actually increased their response rates by as much as 50%.

Finally, you can use LinkedIn as a tool to introduce friends, you do not have to do anything other than send an email and you get TONS of credit for your efforts.

Since we’re focusing on gathering fans, you want to use Facebook for marketing. As authors, we spend money on editing our books (or you should), creating a cover (again, if you don’t, yo should), but we don’t think about a marketing budget. Big publishing houses take care of that for you (at least some of it), but indie authors have to do all of their marketing. You should have a budget for this, and it should include education on how to use Twitter, Facebook, and other SMM panel sites for marketing. One of the biggest mistakes indie authors make is to either not create a Facebook fan page, or to not use Facebook for marketing.

This is what small business is all about! Farrar’s may be small but like many small business owners they think big. In fact they ‘do big’ better than most big companies do.

In all honesty, the rules of the game are not all that different from regular business. Think back to networking, isn’t it always better to give a referral before you receive? The more you give the more you receive. The same is true in cyberspace.

There are a lot of other idols that you can emulate, but what is important is that they inspire you to do better in your business lead generation campaign.

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