Online News Considers Following Fox By Blocking Google

Following are the latest details on my experiment – article marketing (does it work, or not?). Listed below are more of the sites I’m consistently submitting articles to.

SEO Value- If you distribute your press release to the right sites, the seo value you get will be well worth the price you pay for distribution. Why? These are seen as newsworthy events and get picked up by news sites that are seen as Authority sites, which search engines love. Also, when writing your release include tags, anchor text, your url, and keywords throughout. This helps you rank on search engines and gets you found by people searching. The back-links going back to your website from authority news sites is incredibly valuable.

If using the internet is part of your job, then high speed internet access is also a requirement. As a system consultant, I do computer training by connecting to a client’s computer remotely and showing them how to use their software. This is not quite practical with dial-up modem speed internet access. I used to perform technical support with dial-up internet. Although it was doable, it was painfully slow at times.

“My lawyer does not want me talking with the media about my son’s case, but someone here in MS needs to do an in-depth investigation into that private prison in Woodville. There was one small blurb on a Baton Rouge Instagram wondering why the officers who assault prisons are still employed there.

Over at Ain’t It Cool News– the awesome entertainment geek news site– they’ve got a review up for the show that collects a few other reviews from around teh internets (and something called “print publications”) that give us a look at what other people are saying about the show.

You can either add this website to your “Google home page” or to your “Google Reader”. I prefer Google Reader, because it displays all my stories in a format that’s natural to me. If you click “Google Reader”, it will be immediately added to your reader, and you will be taken to your Reader, which will show you the last 10 posts that website released, with the most recent posts first.

How about just opening up the newspaper if you’re really lazy? I mean after all, it DOES get delivered right to your home, correct? So look and see what the latest news is. Heck, just read the front page. That alone should give you plenty to write about.

There’s not enough room in this article to explain all the great things about this guide, so If I were you I would checkout Scott’s site and see the whole package for yourself. You don’t want to pass this one up.

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